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Helping municipality customers maximize value and benefit from their software investments is one of Ravic's primary objectives. Built on Oracle’s Application Express (APEX), Ravic provides software that is engineered to streamline business processes and reduce overhead using modern technologies. This software is available as software as a service (SaaS) or on-premises, whichever best meets the needs of the municipality.

Enterprise Municipality Suite (EMS) is a suite of applications designed to manage Property Taxes, Utility Billing, Cashiering and give citizens a real-time view of their account(s) through the Citizen’s portal. Each module is designed with the flexibility to be configured to your municipality needs, while adhering to regulations specified by the various levels of government.

With an understanding of municipality challenges, Ravic continues to be innovative - making the municipality applications effective for small or large entities. Ravic has a dedicated team with a purpose to improve applications addressing the needs of municipalities throughout the United States and Canada.

Enterprise Municipality Suite (EMS)

The Enterprise Municipality Suite is built with Oracle Application Express. The following are standard features for each module:

  • Offered as software as a service (Oracle APEX Service or Oracle Autonomous Database) or as an on-premises solution
  • Authentication using multiple single sign-on methods (LDAP, Oracle Single Sign-on, and Social Sign-on)
  • Role based access control
  • REST API enabled
  • Mobile progressive web applications (PWA)
  • Prebuilt Oracle Cloud ERP and E-Business Suite integrations
  • Data as charts, graphs, and tables that are highly configurable
  • Interactive reports that can be exported to CSV, HTML, Excel and PDF
Property Tax

Property Tax

Property Tax is an economic solution developed to manage parcels and calculate property taxes for municipalities. The software boasts a common sense user interface allowing for intuitive navigation and a positive end-user experience. The Property Tax application possesses a number of enticing features for parcel management, tax rate configuration, tracking property ownership changes, and defining pre-authorized payment schedules. Do you need support for Special assessment charges? Not a problem. Compulsory charges like Local Improvements can be easily added to individual parcels to cover capital expenditures for street repairs, sidewalk maintenance, lighting, etc.

  • Property tax billing
  • Parcel management
  • Annual and supplemental levies
  • Special assessments (ex. local improvements)

Utility Billing

Utility Billing is a secure, scalable application engineered to service municipalities of all sizes. It comes pre-packaged with a host of user-friendly features for managing premises and calculating utility transactions. Designed to integrate with 3rd party meter software and top tier ERP’s, Utility Billing is an adaptable solution created to minimize complexity while allowing the flexibility to service a broad range of communities.

Premise management is the foundation of Utility Billing. The ability to maintain premises, track occupant history, and define utility cycles are just a few of the available features. Nonmetered service fees are easily configured for billing flat rate fees. Utility Billing offers functionality for metered services making it possible to define step charges for water, electrical, and/or gas utility services as well as track historical consumption and usage over time. Have solar customers? No problem! Utility Billing also calculates energy transactions based on energy production, electrical consumption, and existing energy balances.

  • Utility billing
  • Premise management
  • Meter management
  • Solar net metering
  • Prebuilt Itron integrations
Utility Billing



CashClerk is a purpose-built application allowing clerical personnel to accept payments from tax customers, utility customers or one-time individuals looking to pay a miscellaneous invoice such as a dog fine. Simply stated, CashClerk offers municipality staff the tools they need to collect money at the front line.

  • Tender and print receipts
  • Miscellaneous transactions
  • On-account transactions
  • Apply receipt transactions
  • EFT batch and lockbox capabilities
  • Daily clerk reconciliation

Portal    Portal

The citizen's portal is a secure online service allowing customers to access, analyze, and pay bills for their Property Tax and Utility Billing accounts. This convenient “Go Green” service lowers expenses and frees up valuable employee resources by reducing demand for costly and labor-intensive print and mail procedures. After opting into paperless billing, customers will have access to their account(s) overview and balance(s), monthly utility consumption charts (Utility Billing), yearly tax assessments (Property Tax), downloadable bills, and payment history. The Portal also gives customers the ability to make account related change requests such as a billing address change or utility service disconnect.

  • Online payments
  • Real-time account(s) overview
  • Downloadable PDF bills
  • Payment history


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