Reduce overhead and lower costs

Solutions delivered through cloud services are now a common approach for businesses of all sizes. In most cases, a cloud service deployment can provide equal or higher quality services at lower costs. With Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI - IaaS), Applications (SaaS), and platform services (DBaaS, OIC), the advantages, and justifications for cloud versus on-premises hosting are simplified, efficient, and provide quality solutions.

  • Simplified Deployment – Deployment of applications, databases, and integration solutions via Oracle cloud are simplified, flexible and can scale based on budget, deployment, workload, access and security, data protection, and regional versus global availability requirements.
  • Simplified Management – With simplified deployment comes simplified management. Traditional installation, patching, and other software, hardware, and application maintenance responsibilities are reduced and replaced with services automation lowering your overall operational and maintenance costs and downtimes.
  • Efficient and Quality Solutions – Having both simplified deployment and management, the overall time to deliver a solution in Oracle Cloud is tremendously more efficient and cost effective. Important business solution dollars are spent on quality solution design and effective delivery rather than maintenance and operational distractions.

Simple and complex

If you don’t already have something going on in the cloud or specifically Oracle cloud, no worries, everyone must start somewhere. Ravic can help you get started and develop a migration strategy along with you.

  • Lift and Shift
  • Migration program with multiple migration step dependencies

Cloud deployments and migrations

If your organization is considering implementing or moving your database, applications, or workloads to the cloud, Ravic can lead and/or collaborate on all key topics:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure design, build, provisioning, configuration, and management
  • Plan for application, database Lift and Shift to Oracle Cloud services
  • Plan for complex applications, databases, integrations, and other technology migrations to Oracle Cloud services
  • Redesign and redevelopment of applications using modern Oracle Cloud technologies and services
  • Backup, recovery, availability, access and security, and disaster recovery options

Access and security

Provisioning cloud services enables the potential for centralized identity and access management including Single Sign-On and other security capabilities. Consider the following if you have one or more Oracle Cloud services, applications, databases, or APEX applications:

  • Oracle Cloud Single Sign-On with the capability of Active Directory integration
  • Regional and global load balanced access to application services with SSL/TLS security
  • Database Data encryption and redaction (masking) for data at rest and application access
  • Data encryption for database backup storage, retention, and archiving

Effective business solutions

Let’s be honest, everything we are working to accomplish here is the effective design of applications to support your business in an efficient, secure, and inexpensive way. Oracle Cloud infrastructure enables our experienced technical and development team to deliver just that. Through knowledgeable design of data and applications, along with rapid service provisioning in the Oracle Cloud, Ravic can design a solution, validate, test, train, and deploy it at a lower cost with a shorter timeframe than previously possible. The partners at Ravic have been doing this for a long time and we look forward to the opportunity to develop solutions for you too.

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