A passion for solving problems

Ravic may be a young firm but we, the founding partners, have been solving complex problems and designing innovative solutions for decades. Each of us has our roots working for private and public sector organizations before moving to consulting. With so many projects and customer interactions in many business sectors, we have each had the opportunity to gain tremendous experience. We have finally found ourselves forming our own firm with a specific product and Oracle technologies focus. Together, we have an aligned perspective for who we are and what we want to accomplish:

  • Building long-term customer relationships by delivering high quality solutions with a practical approach
  • Designing solutions that provide business advantages and efficiencies through common sense use of technologies
  • Designing and Building effective APEX application solutions, customizations, or extensions
  • Leveraging Oracle cloud infrastructure service flexibility and scalability for our solutions

Our goal is always to be successful in what we do for our customers. There is nothing less. We know we are accomplishing that goal when customers return to ask for our help on subsequent projects. Ultimately, when a customer thinks of us as their trusted advisor, we really know we have achieved our goals. This is an honor we have accomplished more than once.

Shane, Dean, and Bret --Founding Partners

About Ravic Oracle Partner

Our Mission

It is Ravic’s mission to support our clients in achieving their business goals by implementing solutions for their unique requirements while developing long-term relationships. Building long lasting relationships, our commitment to customer service and satisfaction, and high quality-delivery is the foundation of our business approach and the product of our proven success.


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